Est. 1983

With over 35 years of serving Gastown patrons with authentic Indian cuisine, Sitar has been attracting wondering pallettes and satisfying them with Spicy, rich, flavourful and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe Sitar. All these words are apt in describing Sitar’s award-winning cuisine, for it is diverse in variety and taste, and is made up of a wide array of regional cuisines throughout various parts of India. Due to the differences in climate and soil conditions, the local cuisines in various regions may vary greatly from each other, as each region uses spices, herbs and ingredients that are grown locally. Culture, tradition and religion also play significant roles in influencing the cuisines and diets of the Indians. Sitar has pioneered and bringing this together and inviting you to join us at our restaurant on Powell Street next to the Gassy Jack statue. We’re looking forward to be pleasing your taste buds.


Fresh & Local

Indian cuisine is characterized by its various spices, heavily used in multiple ways in its traditional recipes. Since 1983 we’ve established our subtle shift in cooking technique can make the same flavouring taste entirely different, as can the order in which they are used.